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Purveyors of Fine Wines and Luxury Spirits Since 1953

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Oxford Street Merchants is a family owned, professional, full-service sales company with vast knowledge and experience in fine wines and luxury spirits. Our highly accredited specialists, trustworthiness, and commitment to be the preeminent luxury beverage wholesaler in the US will leave you confident about your decision to choose us as your trusted resource for comprehensive, relevant products and information your customers and staff can depend on.



Education, training, and accreditation are the cornerstones that make our Oxford Street Merchants team second-to-none.

Product Education

The quality and authenticity of our brands may speak for themselves, but we are here to ensure you have the tools you need to maximize your program and provide unparalleled service to your customers.

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Our world-class portfolio of iconic wines and spirits, esoteric and small lot productions, and cutting-edge producers demonstrate our commitment and passion for finding the right products for every program.

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“In a vast world of fine wine and luxury spirits, Oxford Street Merchants’ mission is to connect our communities with the very best through dedication, storytelling, and exploration.” – Trevor Hogue, Director of Execution